A Financial Technology (FinTech) Crowdfunding Platform for a Good Cause by those willing to give money through Payroll Deduction. What's Your Good Cause?

Giver: Givers register for FREE to support a Good Cause. Givers must be employed to give money to a Registered Receiver using our Payroll Deduction Form.

Receiver: Receivers can be an Individual, Group or Team, Kindergarten thru 12th Grade School, School District, College or University, Non-Profit Organization, For-Profit Business, City and County Government, with a Good Cause that need financial support. allows Receivers to register, pay an annual registration fee, in order to recruit potential Givers to support their Good Cause. Only Registered Givers can generate a Payroll Deduction Form that is electronically sent to their Employer, requesting to have a specific amount of money deducted from each paycheck and sent to a Registered Receiver. (Optional Pay Periods: Weekly, Every Two Weeks, or Every Four Weeks).

Receivers are required to have a paypal account to receive funds.

Giver's Employers will be able to transfer funds to EduiPay's Paypal Account. retains 5% from each Giver’s donation.

All remaining funds will be sent to the Receiver's Paypal Account.

Examples of Potential Receivers:

  • Individuals: Aging Parents and Grandparents can receive funds from their children and grandchildren to help them with food, health care and medical expenses. Individuals can receive funds from family and friends for a home downpayment fund or college student fund. - Registration Cost $50 USD
  • Teams or Groups: Entrepreneurial College Students collaborating to develop a new product or service and need seed funding to develop and launch a prototype. - Registration Cost $100 USD
  • For-Profits Businesses: Small, Medium and Large Business Owners can invite their community to help support their business. - Registration Cost $1,000 USD
  • Worker Unions: Organized Labor Unions can encourage their members to support an effort to collectively invest in their companies as shareholders. - Registration Cost $1,000 USD
  • Colleges and Universities: Predominately White Colleges and Universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and United Negro Funded Colleges (UNCFs) can accept funds from their staff, teachers, administrators, alumni, parents and supporters. - Registration Cost $1,000 USD
  • Non-Profits and Religious Churches: Non-Profits and Religious Churches can receive funds to support their social programs, such as a free food pantry, housing assistance, job training, after-school programs, free summer sports programs and free academic summer camps. - Registration Cost $1,000 USD
  • K-12 Schools: Individual Schools can raise funds to buy school supplies, assist families in crisis, purchase new technology, safety equipment, reduce classroom sizes, and hire new teachers and support staff. - Registration Cost $100 USD
  • School Districts: School Districts can raise funds to pay for mental health counseling staff, buy new classroom technology, pay for exposure trips, create student incentive rewards for excellence, add additional AP Courses, add sports program, create anti-bullying initiatives and school capital improvements in the district. - Registration Cost $1,000 USD
  • Cities: Municipal Cities can raise funds for infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, parks, sewage repair, water plants replacement and pedestrian bike paths. Funds can also be raised for senior and summer youth services, concerts, and violent prevention programs. Fund can also be used for Economic Development support. - Registration Cost $1,000 USD
  • Counties: Counties can raise funds to pay for a homeless shelters, home repair programs, economic development funding for startups, summer youth and senior programs, emergency service or disaster recovery services. - Registration Cost $1,000 USD
  • EduiPay is Crowdfunding For Your Good Cause!